tokyomilk eau de parfum in dead sexy

always on the lookout for a new and interesting scent, i stumbled upon tokyomilk’s dead sexy yesterday and it was love at first sniff. if you read this little beauty blog, you know that i pretty much love anything that comes out of margot elena’s camp of curiosities – from lollia to love & toast – so when i spotted this little bottle and took in its yumminess, i had to add it to my collection.

now, let’s talk top notes.

dead sexy comes off as a warm vanilla – but not the sweet, cupcake-y kind. it’s more woody and the subtle combination of romantic orchid florals sends it straight over the top into pure bliss in a bottle. it’s a feisty little scent and i’m absolutely digging it for fall. plus, the skull & crossbones adds a certain edginess that my safe and girly beauty routine has long been calling out for.

if vanilla’s not your thing, tokyomilk does this darling spray in 24 other spectacular scents. gin & rosewater and honey & the moon are two of my other favorites, but there’s definitely something in the group for everyone.

want in on this pretty pick? tokyomilk eau de parfum is available online and in the cutest boutiques around the country for $28.


3 thoughts on “tokyomilk eau de parfum in dead sexy

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  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your blog is so cute and when I got a little excited when I saw this post because I just posted about this perfume. I am so obsessed with this perfume right now, it’s amazing!


    • did you?! too funny! i love this stuff but it’s not something i would normally gravitate towards. so glad we found eachother’s blogs! i’ve been following yours for awhile and i absolutely love it.


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