flirt! big flirt lip gloss

hi beauties! are all you east coasters as windblown and shaken up as we are here in dc? thankfully, irene was very kind to us, but i know she was really awful to some other places – i hope you’re all safe, sound, and recovering just fine wherever you are.

after escaping two natural semi-disasters in one week, it seems the best thing to do is return to business as usual as soon as possible and around here, that means lip gloss.

the blogosphere has been buzzing with love for these new big flirt lip glosses from flirt! so I had to get my hands on them. and gals, the blogosphere does not lie. there is so much to love about these gigantic tubes of gloss, starting with the largest doe-foot applicator i’ve ever seen. this thing grabs so much gloss that one swipe on the top and one on the bottom has you completely covered. it’s a mirror-free application that’s too good to pass up. the gloss itself is shiny and POPS with color, it’s almost stain-like, it’s so vibrant and pretty. the finish is gorgeous and the one-stroke application really gives tons of shine because you’re not sweeping over and over your work, taking as much gloss away as you’re leaving behind like with other products. lips are softened and conditioned with jojoba oil and it has impressive staying power for a lip gloss.

there are eight shades to choose from, but my personal favorites are big time nude, coral-me fabulous, bigger than rose, and berry bombsell. flirt! big flirt sheer and shiny lipgloss is available at kohl’s for $15.50.


14 thoughts on “flirt! big flirt lip gloss

  1. I just bought two tubes of this last night @ my local Kohl’s and lemme just say, it is AMAZING! The texture is great, it even smells good. Girls, spoil yourself and GET A TUBE of this gloss. I bought Big on Beige and Big Blush, both colors are beautiful!!!


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