kiehl’s ultra facial oil-free gel cream

my complaints in life are very few, but my skin is. the. worst. and summer heat/humidity does me no favors.

my face is sensitive, oily in spots, dry in others, prone to redness, and prone to breakouts thanks to easily clogged pores. the trick to harmonizing it seems to be in finding a moisturizer that brings comfort to the dry spots, without adding extra shine and also doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals that will irritate my sensitivity. it’s tough to meet those needs, but kiehl’s has created a strong contender for miracle status.

gaining a leg up on drugstore competition with the addition of natural extracts that soothe and stop oil dead in its tracks, their new oil-free line has four amazing products in its ranks. the crown jewel of the collection is this gel cream – patting it on my parched face  in the mornings plumps up tired skin and feels so incredible. it re-balances my skin’s moisture levels and the fact that it’s oil, dye, paraben, and fragrance free means that my sensitive skin stays calm and happy.

if you’re acne-prone but your skin craves moisture, i can’t recommend this one highly enough. the lightness of the gel keeps skin from feeling heavy and preps it for your morning makeup. you’ll find afternoon shine is reduced to a minimum and thanks to kiehl’s’ excellent reputation for irritant-free skincare, you won’t have to stress about any adverse reactions. the oil-free gel cream is quite possibly the simplest troubled skin solution to ever grace my cosmetic shelf.

kiehl’s ultra facial oil-free gel cream is available at department store counters and online for $24.50.


6 thoughts on “kiehl’s ultra facial oil-free gel cream

  1. You described my skin issues exactly! I think Kiehl’s is pretty brilliant when it comes to skin, so I might have to try this out. Oh, I also signed up for Birchbox…I’m excited!


    • a) so glad you can relate to my skin drama! and even happier that i could help point you towards a solution :) b) hooray for birchbox! you will absolutely love it.


    • i feel like we are skin-dred spirits :) i remember from our chat at nectar. let me know if you give this a try! i’m also totally loving the price point.


    • no, but only because very few products stay in my routine for very long. it’s the nature of the beauty blogger beast! i did really love it and would still recommend it. if you have any more specific questions, i’d be happy to exchange emails :)


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