hampton sun privet bloom rollerball + lovely links

it’s friday!

kinda snuck up on me this week, but i am so not complaining. it is also at least a bagillion degrees in dc. if it’s just as hot and steamy where you are, this week’s friday fave will keep you smelling fresh as a daisy even if you’re really just drowning in your own sweat (not pretty).

this chubby little rollerball houses your new favorite summer scent, hampton sun privet bloom. a dab to the inner wrists and neck will have you smelling green and floral with just a touch of sweetness. the fragrance is delightfully uncomplicated, extra light and fresh, so you won’t feel overpowered but you’ll fool everyone into thinking you’re a natural in staying cool in the blistering heat. it almost evokes a vintage gatsby feel (summer always makes me think of that book!) and brings a touch more elegance to my day when really i look like i just went swimming with my clothes on.

ahh, simple pleasures. the hampton sun privet bloom eau de parfum rollerball is $22 at sephora.

{and now for a few lovely links}

i’m blogging for birchbox all next week (squeal! pinch me! so excited.) so i’ll be linking up to my pretty posts daily. hope you’ll follow along and we’ll be back to business as usual a week from monday.

happy weekend, party people!


3 thoughts on “hampton sun privet bloom rollerball + lovely links

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