sephora collection brush wand

hermione’s not the only chick who can carry a wand.

i love a tool with tricks and now, for the cost of a drugstore shadow, you can snag this magnetic snap-together brush wand which features four detachable brushes perfect for creating your favorite eye looks. how cool?! you can change the tip out depending on if you need to smudge, line, define, or sponge and while i’m admittedly not *super* adventurous (or talented) when it comes to eye makeup, i find that it meets the challenges i’ve thrown its way. the compact size and added cap (seriously, all brushes should come with caps!) make it super easy to toss into your makeup bag or purse without worry of it getting dirty or spreading shadow all over your other treasures.

like it?

find this little beauty at sephora for just ten bucks!

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