benefit they’re real! mascara

there hasn’t been a mascara to capture my attention in almost three months (and i’ve tested dozens) but this gunmetal tube from benefit has me smitten. the buzz around they’re real! is, well, unreal, however, it’s totally well deserved. the resulting lash amplification from the unique brush and too-cool formula is darn near false-worthy.

here’s why it stacks up to prime glossarie recommendation status:

the brush’s staggered bristles help grab lashes at the root (you can actually feel it latching on) and the rounded spiky tip can be used to give outside corners that flirty upturned look. the glossy, jet black formula thickens things right up without clumping and one coat instantly delivers amped up volume, length, and curl – i don’t think i’ve ever seen faster results! the staying power is just as incredible without a single flake or smudge for me to complain about.

what more could a girl want? bottom line, it brings lash potential to a whole new level and you’ve just got to see it to believe it.

benefit’s they’re real! mascara is now available in stores and online. i promise you won’t find better looking lashes for less effort at the $22 price mark. bring on the glossy bigness!


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