bumble and bumble surf spray

dear blow dryer: it’s not me, it’s you.

thanks to my husband’s new dedication to daily 7 am workouts, i am sudsing up and heat styling (for me that’s blow dryer + flat iron, double whammy) my locks twice as often as they’re used to and, even though we’re only two weeks in, it’s absolutely frying my tresses!

it dawned on me that i need to break up with my blow dryer, at least for the summer. but i needed the perfect product that would help my hair amplify what it does naturally.

my new favorite person, casie mace from whipped style, recommended bumble and bumble surf spray. i almost groaned because i’ve been seeing the matte black bottle absolutely everywhere and for some reason i’ve been super skeptical. the blogs are raving, but i had to see for myself. casie’s testimonial pushed me to buy and try.

the results?

soft and pretty, frizz free, beachy waves with impressive hold.

the trick is not to let your hair dry too much before you spray, then spray liberally and do not touch it – don’t diffuse it, don’t scrunch it, just leave it and let it do its thing until fully air dried. it allows me to skip the heat styling and feel just as polished and put together as i do when my hair is sleek and straight.

so have you tried this?

got any other tips on how to style hair sans the dreaded blow dryer?


10 thoughts on “bumble and bumble surf spray

  1. I have always been surf-spray-curious. I keep thinking there must be a way to DIY this with a little salt and water. I might have to give it a try though. My hair needs a break from the hair dryer. :)


    • you’re probably right! the only benefit i can see from this vs. true ocean water is that it has a little hold which helps to shape waves. let me know if you diy with success :)


    • sounds amazing! curl creme first? surf spray first? mixed together? help! i stalked your facebook wall for more instruction :)


  2. Why have I not tried this?! My hair is insane in the humidity so I may have to run out and try this. Will keep you posted on the results :). Thanks for sharing!


    • i felt the same way! i know it’s been around forever – could kick myself for not testing it out sooner. definitely let me know if you (and your hair) like it :)


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