test drive: opi i lily love you manicure

so the #2 search phrase that gets people to this blog (after “the glossarie” – thank goodness”) is three little words: “i lily love you.” perhaps you remember this post i did back in march about opi’s ‘nice stems’ collection? well, apparently i lily love you is one popular polish! since it’s brought so many new visitors to my blog (hello!) i just had to choose it at the nail salon today. the manicurist tried to talk me out of it with a look that said “ma’am, this polish is for five year olds who ride princess bicycles – with training wheels.” but i insisted. the resulting mani is super cute – a sheer pink stain with tons of sparkle that, as predicted, screams barbie, but in the best way.

5 thoughts on “test drive: opi i lily love you manicure

    • and it is MELTY HOT in dc for sure :) i went to a garden event in the district tonight and looked like i had just gotten out of a pool for most of it – not cute!


    • it’s very fun and i think i will earn major bonus points at my goddaughter’s 4th birthday party this weekend. thanks for the compliments on my sparkles! i shall let the husband know he’s done well :)


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