blemishes fear this: the body shop tea tree oil

alright, universe.

can we please discuss the 8th-grade-like breakouts i’ve been experiencing lately? it’s really unfair as i am practically knocking on 30’s door and i take excellent care of my skin. i even wash my face before bed after too many mojitos and if i must remind you, i did my time with retin-a and clindamycin and all of that terribleness, don’t you recall?


i suppose, that if i must break out like a teenager, at least i can count on one of my favorite little beauty spots from middle school and beoyond (bath oil beads anyone?) to keep its shelves stocked with hands down, the best zit zapper on the planet. i had totally forgotten about tea tree oil from the body shop until their products popped up in sephora a few months ago. in desperation and total pimple paranoia, i ran to the black and white mecca with intentions to pick up bliss’ no zit sherlock but walked out instead with an old friend.

it seems that simple, unassuming tea tree oil is the only thing that worked for me in the 90’s and it’s the only thing that works for me now. it’s super potent against the angriest zit but it won’t irritate your skin – in fact, it’s oddly soothing. i dab a drop on a q-tip then treat the affected area (er…the many affected areas – seriously universe!) before bed and i wake up in the morning with happy results. in one treatment, you can expect pimples to dramatically reduce in size and redness, and in two treatments? kiss those suckers goodbye.

tea tree oil is available at the body shop or at sephora for $9.


4 thoughts on “blemishes fear this: the body shop tea tree oil

  1. I thought i was the only one, as we speak there is a pimple settling in right on my nose! I don’t know maybe it’s the heat in DC or something, but I’ve been getting the biggest zits on my face lately, and It’s literally driving me CRAZY! Something my crazy professor in Anatomy class told me was to rub a little spit on them. I know it sounds crazy butttt it works sometimes depending on what type. He explained that the good bacteria in our mouth that kill all the germs we digest from breathing, or eating kill the bad germs in pimples. Sometimes my pimples are ready and gone in two days if i keep it up.


    • really?! my mom taught me to do that with mosquito bites, but i’ve never heard about using it for acne. not sure i can commit to that – i may stick to the tea tree oil. but it’s good to know!


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