pretty practical: the balm frat boy shadow/blush

i have a fave new summer trend to share with you and it’s sheer multi-tasking genius. the ladies at birchbox tipped me off to wearing the same color on my eyelids as on my cheeks! now, i know – using blush as eyeshadow? i wasn’t so sure, but trust me – there’s not another trick in the book that will make you look as naturally fresh-faced as this one. plus it lightens your makeup load, using one product in two big ways for major impact.

and lucky for you i’ve scouted out the perfect product to help you achieve this double-duty beauty:

cheeky brand, the balm was on the ball way before i was! they’ve sold these “all-in-one” powders forever and hot mama! is actually my long-standing favorite blush of all time (didn’t work for me as an eyeshadow, though). frat boy is one of three other shadow/blushes churned out the balm. it’s the ultimate matte apricot and was made for pulling off this same-shade technique. the balm powders are quality and completely wearable. we’re talking finely milled and full of pretty, pretty pigmentation. i think they’re priced exactly right at $21, giving you tons of product for your dollar and also – could you die over the adorable packaging?

if you’re looking for a gorgeous new blush plus wanting to try this clever trick, frat boy is your new love. bonus: it blends really nicely over tinted moisturizer and lasts forever making it even more perfect for summer.

so, tell me: will you try matching cheeks and lids?


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