estee lauder idealist cooling eye illuminator

hi beauties, happy sunday! are you ready to meet a new miracle worker? gals and guys who struggle with dark undereye circles and puffiness will want to pay close attention to this one.

i have been uncharacteristically busy these past few weeks. over-caffeinating, under-hydrating, running ragged and not getting enough sleep. the consequences are not pretty – ugly, tired eyeballs that are dark and puffy.

in a desperate attempt to fool the outside world into thinking that i am an effortlessly well-rested lady, i have added a new product to my daily routine. i pat a dot of this estee lauder cooling eye illuminator under each eye, over my moisturizer and let it do its thing while i blowdry and straighten my hair in the mornings. the results are crazy insane.

after three weeks of daily use, my eyes look brighter and more rested. shadows and puffiness are gone – refreshed pretty skin is here to stay and i swear it lightened that delicate skin under my eye a full shade.

gotta make some room in the makeup jar, this little tube is sticking around.


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