tan-talizing: guerlain terracotta mosaic tan enhancing bronzer

happy monday, beauties! is it gloomy where you are today? cloud cover in dc has me craving a little sun-kissed shimmer so i went out on the hunt for something to enhance the teensy bit of color i’ve acquired this month (thank you, multiple looooong highschool graduations on shade-less football fields) without channeling snooki.

so i returned to an old favorite.

guerlain’s terracotta bronzer marks the arrival of summer each year and this season’s version is an absolute stunner. amazingly chic golden tones make up  a mosaic pattern that makes me feel like i’m back in the mediterranean. this is the most high quality, luxurious bronzer on the market and a dusting over your existing tan will have you looking so south beach.

guerlain’s terracotta mosaic tan enhancing bronzer is a limited edition, available at sephora for $69.


4 thoughts on “tan-talizing: guerlain terracotta mosaic tan enhancing bronzer

    • i try not to be a sucker for pretty packaging, but this one grabbed me and i love the idea of a product that just enhances my summer skin a little bit


  1. It’s been a rainy day here in Florida as well so you’re not alone. That bronzer is sooooooooooooo pretty and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a guerlain bronzer before so I need it. Isn’t it said that I can’t remember? I think that’s a sign that I spend way too much money on makeup, haha. Thanks for another great post.


    • ugh i’m with you on the too much money on makeup! but this one is the best around – if you’re gonna spend it, spend it right, sister!


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