the art of the arm party + it’s friiiday!

i’ve been totally crushing on leandra’s (aka the man repeller) awesome arm adornments, appropriately dubbed “the arm party.” so much so that i decided to assemble ideas for my own collection of baubles and bangles.

welcome to the wrist soiree:

{gemstone and metal bracelets from the vamoose, $22.75 each}

{jess lc paisley bracelet, $30}

{sparkler bracelet from ayofemi jewelry – currently sold out}

{linked turquoise bracelet from ayofemi jewelry, $32}

my parents gifted me this cape cod bracelet for graduation and i’ve been thinking that it makes a nice base for a multi-toned and textured stack but i’m torn on where to go next! that jess lc paisley bracelet is really calling to me…

do you rock an arm party or wrist soiree? i need more inspiration so please comment below or instagram to your heart’s content @theglossarie. lots of love and happy weekend!

13 thoughts on “the art of the arm party + it’s friiiday!

    • i must agree with you there! thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely compliments :) hope you have a nice weekend!


    • i am hoping she makes more! i looked through her “sold” items and there were bunches of them – so i’m guessing more are on the way :) i think it’s next on my list as well!


    • ahh i know – i think i need to just add slowly when you see one that *really* strikes you. i’m trying to be patient, but so many other awesome bloggers have posted these amazing stacks. i have arm party envy!


  1. I’ve also been obsessed with stacking bracelets lately. I have a couple bracelets from Stella and Dot that I like to stack together, my favorite is the nugget wrap bracelet :)


    • a) so super excited that you stopped by! and b) i share your bracelet obsession, but i’m a total rookie. rocking my first arm party today and have realized that it should probably be worn on the non-dominant hand? (otherwise it makes writing a total pain) whoops!


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