physician’s formula mineral wear airbrushing kabuki is one ballin’ brush

powder foundation gals, meet your new best friend.

i’ve always invested in professional grade makeup brushes because it seems to me that the less expensive drugstore versions lose their hairs and just don’t perform as well. for years, i’ve applied my mineral makeup with bare escentuals full flawless face brush and at $28 a pop, it’s not exactly a pocket friendly purchase. the quality, however, was unmatched and so i committed to my spensy brush habit and carried on.

until i discovered this blue beauty from physician’s formula.

the mineral wear airbrushing kabuki brush is a godsend for those of us who prefer powder foundations. first off – the quality is incredible and for a budget buy, this brush has the softest bristles and applies mineral makeup like a dream. the wide and flat shape is totally revolutionary and helps to buff powder onto skin gently and evenly for amazing coverage. i am smitten!

i should warn you that it’s a bit on the chunky side and could be tricky to travel with, but it gives me the most flawless,  natural look i’ve found and is therefore highly recommended.

want one? the physician’s formula mineral wear airbrushing kabuki is available at drugstores for around $10.


5 thoughts on “physician’s formula mineral wear airbrushing kabuki is one ballin’ brush

  1. This post just came at the perfect time! I too have been using the BE brush for my mineral foundation and it just bit the dust. I was fixing to head to Sephora, but instead I think I’ll give this one a try. Thanks for the awesome post as always!


    • oh yay! i love when that happens :) let me know what you think! drugstore makeup brands are definitely having a moment. i’m finding that i’m replacing more and more pricey items with drugstore options!


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