for the next two weeks the husband and i will be honeymooning our way through italy, turkey, and greece. while i’m so excited to tour rome and hike around the greek islands, want to know what i’m secretly looking forward to?

popping into the flagship locations for two of my favorite brands! korres (in athens) and carthusia perfumes (on the island of capri). hope the husband doesn’t mind a pretty detour!

i’ve scheduled a handful of posts for you, but in my absence, please visit the following ladies for your daily dose of pretty:

alright beauties, catch you on the flip side of this adventure! i plan to return tanned, refreshed, and inspired.


5 thoughts on “vacanza!

  1. Oh my goodness I just saw this!!!!
    Youre so so sweet :)

    Hope youre having an INCREDIBLE honeymoon!! Cant wait to hear all of your updates about it :)


    • i meant to shoot you a note of warning :) things got a little hectic (a girl’s gotta pack!) before we took off – so glad you like.


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