click and easy: laqa & co. nail polish pens

i’m not sure what’s more fun, saying “laqa” (pronounced like lacquer with a boston accent – makes me feel at home!) or clicking your way to polished pretty with these clever little nail pens. each pen houses one of eleven shades of glossy nail color that’s formaldehyde, toluene, and DHP-free for super natural results. they come in the coolest boxes that showcase art from young designers giving a voice (and a cut of profits!) to the lesser known and stunning inspiration to their customers. the color selection leaves nothing to be desired. first on my list are squid ink (a light teal blue, second from top), pimpin (hot pink, top) and i want a pony (soft lemon yellow, bottom).

laqa & co. nail polish pens are available online for $14.95 and orders over $20 ship for free.


7 thoughts on “click and easy: laqa & co. nail polish pens

    • very easy! you can polish your nails anywhere, and thanks to the natural ingredients there’s no strong nail polish smell :) you have to click a few times to get them going and then it might take a couple of tries to get the hang of it. once you do, they’re super convenient and user friendly!


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