fringe benefits: hourglass film noir mascara

last weekend, i marched myself into sephora with bare lashes looking to end my search for the ultimate mascara once and for all. i tapped an unsuspecting beauty consultant on the shoulder and described my perfect match: shiny and jet black in color, smudge-proof but removable with soap and water only (i detest makeup remover), must deliver volume, length, lift and separation.

now let this be a lesson to you, beauties. the sephora consultants are full of more makeup wisdom than any of us could ever know. i thought i would certainly get a recommendation for a product or products that i had already tested twice over, but in response to what i thought was a tall order and only one i’ve been looking to fill for, oh i don’t know, eons, the lovely kayleigh says, “sure. definitely hourglass film noir.”

it was love at first swipe, right there in the store – glossy, thick, intensely dark, lustrous lashes that were long and defined. the cool hourglass shaped wand applies the formula cleanly and without a clump. after a couple of weeks as my go-to lash lengthener, i’ve found that it wears all day and washes off nicely (hallelujah!).

simply put, it’s not overdone and enhances lashes without looking fake. so if i never feature another mascara on this here blog, you know why. (totally kidding. of course i’ll feature other mascaras, but if there’s ever any question as to what’s on my lashes, it’s this guy, forever and ever, amen.)

hourglass film noir full spectrum mascara is available at sephora for $28.


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