let’s wrap: the scarf necklace

i am completely smitten with this new wrap/jewelry hybrid at anthropologie. behold, the voluminous scarf necklace:

{top to bottom: natural, mauve, rust}

the color combos are simply stunning (the rust is a must see in person) but i’m loving the natural one for its versatility and those awesome wood beads. the fluffy combination of linen and modal gives this pretty extra volume so that it always falls just right. how unique and gorgeous!

is this wonder of an accessory blowing your mind as much as it is mine? the voluminous scarf necklace is available in all three styles at anthropologie for the very pleasant price of $38.


8 thoughts on “let’s wrap: the scarf necklace

  1. This is cute but I am totally baffled on what I’d wear with it. I can usually visualize how an outfit would come together, but I admit this one stumps me. WWLD?


    • ooh good question! these go nicely with tons of things – mostly whatever you would throw a regular scarf over. for me that’s simple tanks and jeans, a sundress, a tshirt, a top and skirt – literally almost anything. you’d have to invest in the right shade for what already lives in your closet, but you could do it!! :)


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