little luxuries: mor perfume oil + lovely links

mor cosmetics is known for creating some of the prettiest products out there. i’m a longtime lover of their lip delights but today i’m doubled over with glee for little luxuries perfume oils. i’m a bit biased since i generally prefer oils to sprays (it just seems to me like the scent is more concentrated, easier to apply and blends well with everyone’s body chemistry), but trust me when i say mor hit the nail on the head with these sweet smelling vials. each patterned glass bottle holds a soft and feminine scent with a rollerball applicator. the dreamy collection of four contains:

  • belladonna – musk, vanilla + sandalwood
  • snow gardenia – mostly gardenia, with juniper berry + angelica
  • lychee flower – lychee flower + black cherry plum
  • marshmallow – rose petals, white carnation + cotton candy

i think lychee is my favorite (smell like my favorite martini? yes please!) but marshmallow is oddly delightful and sends my senses reeling back to the days of this stuff. these babies are simply inviting, belonging on everyone’s dresser as far as i’m concerned. at $20 they’re price friendly, a little goes a long way and staying power is impressive.

note: these are sold out in a bunch of places, but i did find all four available on zappos – hurry, hurry!

{and a few lovely links for your monday}


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