l’occitane one minute hand scrub

there is nothing better than the polished perfection of hands that have been whipped into shape by a pro. manicures may be a girl’s best friend but i don’t have the time or funds to settle in at the spa nearly as often as i’d like. thank goodness for the sweet people at l’occitane who have brought back their shea butter one minute hand scrub. it truly brings the best parts of getting a mani into my own bathroom. this two phase formula (meaning that the grains and oil are separate and need to be stirred together) is part organic sugar, part shea oil, and all expert exfoliation in one little tub. when applied to dry hands, the two ingredients work together to nourish dry skin, neaten nails, and clean cuticles in one fell swoop. i’ve been pairing it with my favorite shea butter hand cream (also by l’occitane) and voila! salon-style softness at-home.

l’occitane’s one minute hand scrub is, like all good things, a limited edition. you can find it in stores and online for $22.


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