blog crush: this is glamorous

where to begin on this wonderland of wonderful? {this is glamorous} is like a bottomless savings account for all things beautiful. i am so inspired by all of  author roseline’s pretty posts, but most in awe of yesterday’s braided brass hex nut bracelet diy.

how cool?! in roseline’s words, this look is rock’n refined and i absolutely love it. if you’re feeling adventurous this weekend, give this little project a whirl and if your everyday could use a boost of beauty, make sure to add {this is glamorous} to your daily reads.


8 thoughts on “blog crush: this is glamorous

    • the finished product is seriously adorable. i couldn’t believe it when i found what it was made of – that girl is a genius!


  1. I could not agree MORE! I love her blog too! and luckily… that is ho I found YOU!
    Thanks so so much for taking the time to stop by my blog today and leave a comment, you made my day, and I would not have realized she linked my post! Which totally made my day! I just started my blog 2-1!

    Where in Middleburg did you get married? Of course, now I am dying to know the details and your connection to the area!


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