meet megan miller

the design of this line of environmentally friendly nail polish from megan miller is killing me with its cuteness. the cork top? the raffia ribbon? the round bulb of a bottle? all absolutely gorgeous. but these varnishes aren’t just for show and tell, beyond their aesthetic adorableness they will also look great on your nails and last for an impressively long time.

the colors:

  • framboise – rich, elegant wine
  • caribbean – bold turquoise
  • champagne – shimmering neutral
  • crem de la crem – versatile french white
  • roja – gorgeous, true red
  • latte – simple, creamy natural greige

megan miller is available online at anthropologie in roja and crem de la crem for the semi steep price of $14 but you can also buy all six shades directly through megan miller for the slightly more stomachable $12.

it’s pay day and my nails need caribbean. will you invest in these charming little lacquers?


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