handmade hair ties from mane message

(it’s a doomy gloomy day in dc today so you get two posts! lucky you.)

there is something so sweet, slightly summer camp-esque about these tie dye hair ties. perhaps because they remind me the teensiest bit of hot loops, a favorite childhood toy from the 90’s that also doubled as hair elastics for me as a wee beauty addict. anywho, these pretty ponytail perfectors from mane message are soft, stretchy and oddly chic making them very wearable as bracelets when they are not taming tendrils. they come in a crazy variety of colors, both tie dye and solid, so if bright and bold isn’t your thing (such as in the sherbet package up above) and you prefer subtle neutrals, the dusk package may be more your speed. i ordered the best of both worlds with the mission package but would also recommend the silk. creator olivia hayward is a college-senior-turned-small-business-owner and i give her kudos for upgrading your average run of the mill pony into something a bit more special.

love ’em? visit mane message on etsy to get your own bomehiman hair ties and to see all of olivia’s fun and functional handiwork!


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