looks good for your guy: bulldog natural grooming

make some room on that shower caddy, ladies. bulldog grooming products have landed in the states from across the pond and the whole line of natural skincare for your guy is delightfully unfussy. the product range starts with manfriendly, clean packaging and continues on with hassle-free ingredients. all in all, these tubes house creams, gels, and lotions that are all sans chemicals but still manage to deliver superb grooming results. in other words, they get the job done.

my favorite thing about the bulldog lineup is that it includes one of every product that guys should be using (imho) – nothing more, nothing less, and five products total. if any man in your life could use a boost in the skincare department, i can only encourage you to grab the bull(dog) by the horns and give him a natural grooming product makeover. and if you think five products will freak him out, start with the shave gel because it’s incredible.

bulldog natural grooming products are available at whole foods and abe’s market as well as online.


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