flyaways fear this: john frieda full repair

the shortest month can be such a tease. a few warm and sunny days sprinkled throughout make me feel like spring is right around the corner, but then the vicious cold comes back and the  wind reappears and it’s back to frigid february reality. it can be impossible to combat the drying effect of winter air on hair, especially  when i use two heat tools to smooth and straighten each morning. i hate to over condition because it leaves my fine locks limp and heavy and i hate to use a lot of product for the same reason. anyone else out there in this sad little predicament with me?

i’ve recently discovered this mascara-sized shine booster from john frieda. it’s under $10 and fights frizz like a “spot treatment” to tame flyaways as they pop up throughout the day. you can use the wand to touch up strays along the hairline or at the part or you can also swipe a little bit on your palm, rub your hands together and then gloss lightly over your mane for pretty sleekness. i will warn you to use it sparingly!

if you’re at your wits’ end with winter, you need this  purse-sized problem solver designed specifically to be a quick fix for damage caused by cold weather and heat styling. john frieda full repair touch-up flyaway tamer is available in drugstores and online for $9.99.


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