wakeup your makeup with pangea’s facial toner

my final semester of grad school is proving to be killer – and i don’t mean killer like awesome. i mean killer like “if i keep this pace up for three more months, i might collapse.” alas, collapsing is no option and sadly nor is adding hours to the 24-hour day so that i can sleep a little more. so, tired it is.

i refuse, however, to look tired. enter pangea organics argentinean tangerine & thyme facial toner. i never thought i needed a toner, but was wooed by the promises of skin nurturing and refreshment. my skin is slightly oily on the regular but can be a little dry after i wash it so on mornings when i wish i could have snoozed 30 more times, i’ve been spritzing this herbal tonic all over my face to rejuvenate and refresh after cleansing. it has quickly become my favorite part of my morning. spritz, deep breaths (because it smells yummy and awakens the senses – i know i sound like a folgers commercial here but trust me), then pat dry. ta da! balanced, fresh skin with improved texture, ready to take on the day.

it’s what my skin has been missing and i’m convinced that it is this toner in particular doing the magic, especially if you’re prone to shine and/or need a little morning pick-me-up before you can even think about coffee. pangea organics facial toner is available in three scents at sephora for $26.

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