thursday purseday

thursday purseday was created by angela of swatchbook weddings in the fall of 2010 and is now a weekly feature among several blogs, wedding and non-wedding alike. now, i adore a good satchel (falls along the same “always fits” theory of my first love, earrings) so the excuse to post a weekly favorite is just too much fun to pass up!

for my inaugural choice, i’m going with this mz wallace hamish pouch in platinum leather. it oozes glamour with its red-orange lining and fancy tassel zipper pull. there’s enough room inside for your phone, wallet, and favorite gloss, plus its sleek but slouchy style makes it easy to hang on to. best of all? at the piperlime sale price of $49.99 it’s going to be easy on the debit card as well.

so, a very happy thursday purseday, readers! i look forward to your comments on purse numero uno and if it’s a hit, i may just have to try tuesday shoesday on for size.

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