simple static stopper: bumble & bumble grooming creme

you may be aware, but we are in the midst of one wicked cold snap here in the mid-atlantic. i’m almost grateful that mother nature decided to dump 8 inches of snow on us last night because at least it it put some moisture back in the air! the dry, freezing cold temps of late do nasty things: from nails that break again and again, to scaly dry skin, chapped lips and worst of all, stubbornly staticky hair. i have been plagued for winter after winter but i can now put the days of looking like a five year old who just removed her knitted hat behind me, thanks to this tiny tube from bumble & bumble.

grooming creme is not just your typical, run of the mill, leave your locks limp moisturizer. it’s actually got hold and helps you style while keeping your tresses shiny and smooth. i am so untalented when it comes to my hair that i need a product that takes care of the hard work. i picked this stuff up at sephora because its tagline says “the dream creme for those who want to look polished but hate to work at it.” it may as well have had my name on it!

when worked through damp hair before blowdrying, grooming creme adds texture and shine while conveniently keeping static at bay. it’s surprisingly light and pumps my oft flat hair up without weighing it down. the 2 oz version is $12 and has a cool twist cap at the bottom that dispenses the perfect amount of product then locks making it super friendly for traveling. grooming creme is available in salons, directly through bumble & bumble and at some sephoras.


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