matchbook mag is on the move

i’ve been slowly collecting inspiration to expand the glossarie to more than an average addict’s love of beauty. it’s still a work in progress, but i’m looking forward to integrating some findings to enhance your lovely lifestyle beyond the lands of makeup and skincare starting tonight. it will be a bit of an adventure and i hope you’ll leave comments to let me know your thoughts along the way!

so, bearing that new direction in mind, i’m excited to share that the long awaited matchbook magazine launched their inaugural e-issue today! coined “your guide to a charmed life” (which i love!) matchbook fits one fabulous type of gal. this afternoon, i steamed a skim latte and sat down to tear through the gorgeous pages. i read every word, poured over every image and made a looong list of wishes from things i found within the pages. i couldn’t get enough!

{via buhl blvd}

one of my favorite tidbits was this checklist of 50 classics for your closet.

how many have you already got on hand?

cheers, to three inspirational blogstresses on this new project! matchbook ladies, you have certainly struck my fancy.


4 thoughts on “matchbook mag is on the move

  1. i’m excited about your expansion beyond beauty products :) i’m also working on expanding mine beyond fashion – it’s fun to write about something different and gives you more options for what to write about!


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