cheap thrill: formula 10.0.06

combination skin can be sooo complicated and i always find it impossible to find the right cleanser that will help prevent the occasional breakout without destroying my mostly healthy skin.

it was beyond excited to discover formula 10.0.06 products with their long list of drama-free ingredients like oat, tea tree, aloe, and even marshmallow. the bright, clean packaging is the perfect representation of what you’ll find inside – keep-it-simple cleansers, moisturizers, treatments and masks that deliver on their promises to keep your skin fresh without tons of unnecessary chemicals.

this clear-skin cleanser is my favorite in the lineup so far. at $7 it wipes out oil and impurities while keeping my sometimes-sensitive skin calm with soothing green tea and chamomile. it’s gentle and effective – the perfect balance at the oh-so-perfect price!

the full range of formula 10.0.06 can be found at ulta for $6 – $7.


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