glimmer & glitz with essie’s kisses & bises

your fingers will be looking so fancy this spring with up-and-coming kisses and bises from essie’s french affair collection. it reminds me of a shade i used to wear back in the day that i can’t pin my finger on and i absolutely love it.

by the by, i’m noticing that a few old polish looks from the early 90’s are creeping their way back to the forefront of things. i spotted this dolce & gabbana polish, for example, which is a dead ringer for a $3 bottle of revlon i used to swipe on before school dances!

but back to essie.

this shimmering neutral would make the prettiest top coat, fast forwarding all of your old polishes to current hipness.  it could also be worn alone, but it’s iridescence is going to instantly soften any deep dark polish you’ll have in your stash from the winter months and completely revitalize your favorite peaches, pinks and corals from last year’s spring trends.

this guy is a must buy, imho, and for just $8, how can you resist?


3 thoughts on “glimmer & glitz with essie’s kisses & bises

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  2. I know what you mean–there was a shade called something like “volcano” that I remember wearing around 1994 or 1995, and “kisses and bises” looks exactly like my memory of it. It was a long time ago, but I could swear that the fuchsia-red sheen when the light hits it is identical in both polishes.


    • you’re probably right! i’m dying because lilac and mint creme are back in fashion for spring polish and i used to have those exact hard candy shades in the 90’s


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