josie maran matchmaker serum foundation is makeup magic

warning: this foundation will rock your world.

i spend tons of time playing in sephora and testing products. i read endless reviews and press releases then head to the aisles to debunk myths and decide what’s worth bringing to the blog. since i do test so many cosmetics on a weekly basis and since i’ve been at this for almost two years now, i’ve found that i have high expectations of new releases! it’s 2011 for heaven’s sake and along with the flying car, i would like to see more makeup goodies that take the trickiness out of some age-old difficulties – like matching foundation to your skintone. perfectly.

now, please note that i am the world’s biggest skeptic when it comes to self-adjusting anything, but i have been thrown for a big loop with this latest product from josie maran. matchmaker serum foundation is like a tinted moisturizer on crack. it’s hydrating (you could skip your moisturizer if you want to), yet balancing so it keeps your oily areas matte and your dry spots moisturized. it goes on white then, when blended, adjusts to create the most undetectable foundation coverage i have ever seen. it is like second skin! but better, smoother, softer, clearer good-for-you skin.

you have got to try it to believe it’s capabilities so all i can do is encourage you to hop along to our favorite striped store and test this stuff out. trust me you will not be sorry.

the matchmaker serum foundation is available now in two shade ranges exclusively at sephora for $42.

4 thoughts on “josie maran matchmaker serum foundation is makeup magic

    • i can only vouch for the lighter shade but you should definitely go try it out! it had a very dewy finish – not dry if that makes sense. i bet it would look gorge! let me know what you think : )


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on Sophie Mae Style! Love, love, love your site! Can’t wait to see more from one beauty addict to another.

    Sophie Mae


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