revlon colorburst lip gloss gives sparkle and shine without the sticky

i am on a drugstore kick! is it just me or is the makeup at cvs getting better and better? pair the awesome selection with their new beauty club and i may never return to the black and white striped mecca of makeup! (not really, let’s be honest … but i am quite impressed)

so, onto today’s pretty product: this gorgeous collection of colorburst lip glosses by revlon that i cannot stop obsessing over. they are luxurious and rich, offering full coverage but keeping very light and unsticky at the same time. at $6, each shade is more vibrant than the next thanks to some shiny microcrystals – making it tough to choose just one to take home! i went for peony, a natural peachy pink, and i’m loving the vanilla scent (some may argue that it’s kind of highschool-ish, but it’s not overpowering and i find it kind of nostalgic). the brush is plush, not like a paint brush style, but flexible and flat. sounds weird, but it’s contoured to your lips so it actually distributes the perfect does of colorburst-iness. better than a bright new accessory, and cheaper, too, these are a great way to add pop to your look. they are available in stores everywhere and online at target.


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