perfect your mistletoe pout

the first lip product i ever bought (aside from softlips and bonne bell) was clinique’s chubby stick in angel kiss. i loved its effortlessness and the fact that i could slip it in my pocket for school dances (yes, clearly this was criteria for one outstanding product). alas my fondness for its convenience wasn’t enough and clinique has long since retired the chunky lipstick pencils. fast forward to 2011, and i am happy to report that the chubby is back with a brand new look and feel.

the updated lip crayon now swivels up so that it never needs sharpening (brilliant!) and houses the most delicious and moisturizing lip color balm i’ve come across in a long while. the problem with color balms is that they either don’t moisturize or they are too sheer to be worth anything in my opinion. clinique, however, has got a game changer on its hands with this one. each shade is more gorgeous than the next and can be applied with a light or heavy hand for more or less pop. i shockingly avoided my go-to pinky beige (fuller fig) and went for a juicy berry (super strawberry) that i’ve been sporting nonstop since i scooped it up at nordstrom this past sunday.

final verdict? i really can’t give this luscious lippie more of a seal of approval!

where to find: it’s mostly out of stock on sephora and i didn’t see it in stores, but you can score one (or more!) for yourselves at and clinique’s department store counters.


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