blown away

need a last minute gift for a lovely lady in your life?

i am in love with this blown glass makeup brush from anthropologie. slightly impractical but totally necessary at $48 and i still cannot get enough of its stunning, colorful handle. it’s actually handmade from a glass company in columbus, ohio and i am very surprised that they knew enough to use premium goat hair for the bristles – only the very best in my opinion. it’s one of those pieces that would look simply amazing just laying on someone’s vanity and would brighten any beauty’s day before even using it to sweep her favorite powder over her cheekbones.

like it? need it? hurry scurry to anthropologie today to get 25% off all purchases!


2 thoughts on “blown away

    • makeup brushes make all the difference for me! i am insanely loyal to the ones i use, but i’m really bad about maintaining them. i always just replace them instead of taking the time to clean them so that they will last longer. maybe i will make that a new year’s resolution : )


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