hug a scientist today

the glossarie took an unannounced siesta due to the wedding planning crazy taking hold of this beauty blogstress, but we are back and very excited about this new release from the folks at living proof.

i may be the only girl who reads every line of allure magazine, including the technical bio-speak that explains all of the latest advancements in the beauty industry and how science (which i always hated) paves the way for pretty. you can thank me later for digesting all of that complex talk and breaking it down into one simple post, but the long and short of it is that new full thickening mousse is lightweight and provides hold without being sticky thanks to the serious smarts of a scientist or two.

i am a firm believer that creams and lotions do not volumize, no matter what they claim. gels and mousses are where it’s at if you’re after the fluff factor so in my eyes, living proof has got it right with this new, lighter formula. it’s available now only on and fully launches in 2011.

update 1/13/11: the wait is over! living proof full thickening mousse has landed at sephora

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