new buzz from burt’s bees

to many, burt’s bees is the natural brand in bright yellow packaging at the drugstore. to me, burt’s bees is the maker of my all-time favorite lippie, replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil. i have dozens of these littering up my life and i’ve bought countless tubes over the years. it’s moisturizing and refreshing and leaves the slightest hint of pink tint that’s natural but perfectly boosts your already pretty pout.

bb must have finally caught on to the gem it’s had on their hands and created a second version! this one is called rejuvenating lip balm with acai berry. it pulls all the same party tricks but it’s tintless. i will warn you that the scent/taste is somewhat overpowering so it’s lovely between meals but it has the potential to make your cheeseburger taste a bit fruity if you’re not careful. acai berry is known as a super fruit and this balm packs boatloads of vitamins and omega oils to leave lips healthy and hydrated.


(sorry i could not resist the stephanie tanner-like honey bee reference!)


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