wish you were here

the girls at stila never cease to amaze! this time they’ve created a series of five limited edition palettes inspired by their users’ unique travel experiences. first to launch was road to radiance across the usa – a punchy bright five-pan compact teeming with pinks and metallics. next up (and brand new this month) is pretty in paris with four stunning shadows and one incredible lip & cheek cream. all five pans are packed into a tiny clutch-worthy compact and this one is already destined to be a stable for moi!

i know with two stila posts in one week you may be thinking they’re slipping me a little something for all this press, but it is totally 100% unsolicited love from me when i say you need these palettes in your life. there is something for everyone and with three more (fiji! moscow! and tokyo!) launching between now and december, at the gasp-worthy price of just $10 each, your look can change with the seasons as you live vicariously through the stila girls’ travels without sacrificing your 401k.

happy trails to you!


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