oh my gloss!

lip gloss is no longer for the faint of heart! two of my favorite brands have taken pretty to a whole new level. the latest additions to their gloss collections are not for wallflowers and leave you with lips that demand attention, however, the thing i like about both of these new lippies is that they feel like glosses but look like rich lip color and last like a lipstick.

benefit has given their lip gloss an ultra shiny makeover and created five new super sparkly shades. they gave the revamped formula a custom brush for the ultimate in glossy, reflective shine. foxy lady and dancing queen are my recommendations for anyone looking to purchase.

korres is also following suit in creating an intense new gloss. their raspberry antioxidant liquid lipstick packs a serious punch for those not playing around with the same old girly gloss. not sure i’m bold enough for any of the shades on the shelves but more power to you ladies that love a fancy lip! you will be in absolute heaven.

what do we think of this trend?


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