arch support

the heat has been wicked and i’ve been going sans makeup more days than not. for me, the no makeup look means moisturizer, a swipe of gloss, and brows that are filled in and perfectly set in their place. the sweat-proof, holy grail in the arch department has been smashbox’s brow tech trio. each tiny pot has two shades of brow powder to ensure a perfect match and the company’s best-selling wax that grooms, defines, and seals the deal. i use anastasia’s mini duo brush to complete the whole thing but if all of that product is too fussy for you, smashbox has packaged everything you need into one handy pencil – brow tech to go (below). now you and your brows are ready to go beat the heat!


2 thoughts on “arch support

  1. I love Smashbox’s brow tech! Mine is just a single shade with the wax (in taupe). It’s cool that they come with two shades now! Definitely a keeper for life.


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