fake a flawless complexion

it’s down right sticky-hot in dc these days. such is life in our nation’s capital but my washingtonian beauties should not have to suffer makeup meltdown just because we have chosen to reside in humidity central. in search of something to manage my ever-present summer glow, i found these japanese blotting papers from tatcha. at $12 for 30 sheets i was a bit hesitant to purchase but their 100% free shipping policy sealed the deal. once they landed on my doorstep, the love affair began. each sheet is bigger than your average blotter and ideally sized to freshen up your whole face in one swipe. the fine grade paper removes  excess oil without depositing powder and the left-behind flawless finish really lasts. they can also be used before makeup as a primer to keep shine at bay which i think is so cool. if you’ve got one sauna of a summer ahead of you (or if you just can’t resist the pretty packaging), you can get your own tatcha toucher-uppers at tatcha.com.


2 thoughts on “fake a flawless complexion

  1. I need these. It’s so hot and humid in Florida right now that I think I’m going to melt, haha. Thanks for the post….I’m going to go order some now.


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