lip service

i have discovered the secret to the most kissable lips thanks to two products plucked from the pages of this month’s lucky, the luxe for less issue. both are organic and cost less than $10.

to start, rub-a-dub with lush mint julips peppermint and chocolate sugar lip scrub. it leaves lips smooth, moisturized and tasting like mint-chocolate chip ice cream (so if you’re on the bride’s diet like moi, you can enjoy a little taste of heaven without the evil calories).

once scrubbed, your lips will be perfectly primed and ready for our next step: a swipe of lulu organics ruby mint lip balm. this tiny tube is all natural, with a breath-freshening minty taste and subtle ruby-colored tint. it’s the buy of the century as far as i’m concerned!

so for less than twenty bucks you can have one gorgeous and naturally enhanced pout. please note: the glossarie is not responsible for any and all spontaneous makeup seshes that occur as a result of following this two-step lip luvin’ routine.


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