fresh as a daisy

there are very few of us who can’t use some assistance in the undereye department. there are definitely times when my dark circles rear their ugly heads worse than others (ahem, finals) but regardless of that unpleasantness, i can always use a little something to brighten me up and treat that delicate skin beneath my lower lashes. until now, we’ve had options like ysl’s touche eclat or givenchy’s mister bright to cover the problem without correcting it. well, new from fresh is a brightening pen that covers, soothes, and heals with good-for-you ingredients like cucumber, chamomile, and lotus. it softens, brightens, and hydrates providing a complete solution for those days when your eyes need that extra illumination (or the morning after you’ve had that extra cocktail! whoopsies). you can find it in three shades at where you can also enjoy 20% off between now and 5/21 with code instyle20.


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