crystal sheer

i love a bright lip as much as the next girl but as i inch closer to 30, i realize that some of the latest shocking opaque shades are just a bit too bold. if you’re in a similar situation, try shopping for sheer glosses like this one from dior. while it looks like a super fluorescent hot pink in the tube, it’s actually much easier to wear than a creamy bright, flushing lips by slightly enhancing their tone. the gel formula of this one in particular adds a beautiful shine and even leaves behind a light stain after the glossiness fades. the color can also also be customized, building with each coat for more or less intensity. it’s truly a one gloss fits all and something that can be appropriate for a day at the office or a night on the town. available at sephora for $26.50.


6 thoughts on “crystal sheer

    • oooh coco! i will have to look back at your pics : ) i should have known you would have your beauty look together on your big day!


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