priti nails

according to bellasugar, organic doesn’t mean much when it comes to cosmetics. i still maintain that anything that i can find with a few less chemicals to put on, in or near my body is a win in my book! my latest discovery is priti, a line of non-toxic nail polish and removers (let’s face it: acetone dissolves crazy glue so it can’t do nice things to your fingertips). unlike most natural beauty products, this one actually competes with its toxic counterparts and is long wearing, chip resistant, with a super shiny finish. if i’m being perfectly honest, i would be in hot pursuit of this line for its edgy shades alone. standouts include starry trail violet, queen victoria, and oleaster all at $12.50 so you can save the earth, one manicure at a time.

9 thoughts on “priti nails

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