a natural step for h&m

trendalicious mega retailer h&m has increased their dedication to organics and, with their customer in mind, they have developed a line of organic skincare. h&m kept it simple with two scents — raspberry & melon and lavendar & mint — and just 11 items comprising the whole collection. the offerings (a body scrub, shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, lip balm, and gorgeous cotton cosmetic bags) range in price from $4.95 to $7.95 and can be found in stores this month.

h&m is not the first clothing guru to dive headfirst into beauty. american eagle and forever21 have also entered the game but something about this line has really caught my eye!


2 thoughts on “a natural step for h&m

  1. Ohh! I want to try that lip balm (uh, naturally, lol).

    And those makeup bags are ADORABLE. I’ve actually been in the market for a new one.. Oh, my poor wallet..


    • hey there! thanks so much for stopping by. let me know what you think of the balm if you test it! and i totally agree about the adorable makeup bags. they’re soo cute!


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