hey dude skincare

what is it with men and their skin? they rarely wash it, never protect it, and they’re already behind the 8-ball due to the necessary evil of daily shaving. i don’t expect them to be interested in it but it’s about time someone simplified a line for our menfolk.

enter, hey dude (no, not the beloved nickelodeon tv show. lord, did i have a soft spot for ted!), a creative collection of quality products to keep things easy on the skincare uneducated. i am in love with the tough guy packaging and clever names like “young dude 4ever” wrinkle reducing moisturizer, “pale face” sunblock, and “clean skin” cleansing gel. brilliant! the website itself is also geared towards taking the fear factor out of shopping for skincare. it offers tips to decipher your skin type and then a list of suggested products keeping it fool-proof.

i’m positive it’ll have your (cow)boy singing yippie ki yi yay.

2 thoughts on “hey dude skincare

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