embrace your inner grace

{top row: heavenly light pink illuminator, amazing grace shimmering face powder, go with grace face brush; bottom row: angel kiss lip gloss, art of blushing, amazing grace coloring book}

philosophy has finally answered the prayers of their fragrance followers and created a set of cosmetics to expand its line of classic “amazing grace” scents and products into “the color of grace.” they have outdone themselves this time if you ask me with this beautifully understated (and pink!) collection. it’s all perfectly coordinated and almost ballet-inspired, bringing out my true girlishness. love!

my fave from the group is this soft & sheer eyelighting shadow duo — the most gorgeous nude and a chocolatey brown that was born to be smudged into the lash line. it’s effortless and the end results are brighteningly beautiful.

also loving the shimmering face powder (which is scented with amazing grace!), angel kiss gloss (the perfect muted pink), and the art of blushing (you know me and multicolored cheek color!).  i’m a smitten kitten!


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