happy head of hair

i suffer from the limp locks and if there’s a new volumizer on the market, it’s got my name all over it. i resisted living proof’s full as long as i could because i live in a land where even lightweight lotions and creams don’t volumize, they flatten. (and they also make my forehead break out like crazy!) i have actually long been a believer that the only thing that volumizes is mousse because it’s light and fluffy and that’s what has worked for me. being the biggest skeptic may have made me the perfect person to review living proof full thickening cream because i assumed i would hate it.

but, boy was i wrong. this stuff is amazing! a little goes along way (we’re talking less than a dime size dollop) it smells better than my favorite perfume — i kid you not, i want to bathe in this stuff — and it fattens my hair up like none other. it also has a smoothing and detangling quality that my favorite mousses cannot compete with leaving my hair soft, pretty, and smell-erific. better yet, no pesky forehead pimples to speak of.

so there you have it. i am living proof and i am on board!


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