on a roll

i continue to be a makeup artist’s nightmare in that i only apply eyeshadow with my fingertips. what can i say? they’re very “handy” little tools! that being said, it’s obviously difficult to get technical and design-y which is a slight drawback. i’ve been looking for shadows that are easy to apply and i have found a favorite in sue devitt’s e-z eye roller ball shadow. (yes, i know i’m on a rollerball kick. but don’t put this one on your lips!) you can roll ’em right over the lid and then blend as necessary. foolproof! the nine gorgeous shades are subtly shimmery and my favorite, hydra, is a pearl shade that’s perfect for dotting on the inner lid or sweeping on the brow bone. each one gives such a soft, glowing look. so if you’re a lazy lady – and i’m not judging! – you will want to give these a whirl.


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